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30 years of building excellence.
330 627 2779
P.O. Box 121
Carrollton, OH 44615
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Shop is located off the alley behind the parking lot at High St. and 2nd St. NW.
Company History
Wheeler Construction began in 1980 out of the Wheeler family home, focusing on remodeling projects. "Those early days were brutal", says Brad. "I did a lot of roofing jobs and worked by myself for about the first five years.

"I can remember carrying shingles down from a roof in a tub and dumping them in the back of my truck. Then I carried all the new shingles up on the roof using a ladder."

The business expanded in the late '90's when Wheeler began building custom homes. Two new homes with extremely complex roof lines made interesting challenges for the team.

More recently, commercial construction has engaged the company with a number of large remodeling projects. One of the most satisfying was the transforation of a nearly worthless 1890's feed mill and one-time gas station into a center for the arts for the community.

"That was quite a project," says Brad. "We started with nothing but timbers, many missing floor joists, and hundred-year-old oak framing. To square the structure and replace the footings, we'd jack up the building one side at a time. It would just creak and crack! The guys would run from inside the structure yelling they thought it was going to collapse."

Fine Woodworking
In the same time, company expertese has grown to include fine custom woodwork. The shop began accepting orders for custom cremation urns, flag cases, an custom furniture. The latter turned into a major project with the Rosebud headquarters project. From the front reception desk to the custom map cabinets in back, attention to furnishings and fine detail shows throught the company's new home.

Lead Safety certification
The 2010 HUD Lead Safe Housing rule applies to every home built prior to 1978, requiring contractors to be trained in the containment and disposal of lead-based paint. Protective clothing, workplace covering, HEPA filtered vacs, and testing for surface contaminants are all required practices.