Community Involvement

You'll find Wheeler Construction active throughout the Carroll County community. The familiar black and yellow tool trailer doubled as a cart racing support vehicle for father-son time. And the main Wheelser shop area serves as a HQ and resource area for many Carrollton Civic Club activities, and the Coley's Stag Scholarship Committee.


Fundraising and Community Building

Rally in the Alley, Ribs Burnoff, Cookouts and Parades!

During Summer, the entire community is invited to gather for music, food, and fun on site, usually to the music of DJ Newbold Entertainment (Barb and Tom). In recent years, Rally in the Alley proceeds have gone to help Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Coats for Kids, the Carroll County Police Dog fund.

Brad Grill 2
The Alley Chef Brad

Community Construction

Over the years, Wheeler Construction has supplied the know-how, tools, and craftsmanship for a number of commnity building projects.

Barn Rennovation for Park District

Most recently, the Civic Club undertook, a rennovation of the utility barn at the new Community Park. The familiar Wheeler tool truck was there from start to finish, with the Wheeler crew actually finishing the tricky door work late in the season.

Truck at CCP

If you need an old frame building leveled and straightened, Wheeler is the number to call. We watched Brad put on pillar on 1/4" roller bars just to move it east a bit. Note the come-alongs above-right, used to square the building over several weeks.

Community Stadium Press Box

A major project was the upper two floors of the Community Field Stadium pressbox. This one brought home to Brad the dangers of working with rank amateurs. (He was a good sport about it, though the memory seems to remain stronger than most.) From laying the joists and deck, to framing the walls, and raising the trusses, this

The project was Carrollton at it's best, with fundraising and leadership provided by the CHS Booster Club, and volunteers from many organizations lending a hammer and a hand.


Other construction projects over the years have included roofing at the Algonquin Mill, small structures for Santa, etc., discounted construction at the Arts Center.


Civic Work Projects

Kiddieland Park

Brad giving directions--he's good at that. "3" at work again, in the public
service. We love that truck.

"Wheeler Gardens"

While the Wheeler family actually have very lovely gardens at home, ya can't beat the pride of a shop/alley horseradish garden. Those lovely odiferous tubers are content to lie underground when most gardens are in their splendor. Come harvest time, though, the warehouse is filled with--well, that most pungeant of frangrances, the unmistakakeable assault, really, is the word for it, of fresh blended horseradish.